Implemented Projects

Farm Establishment Projects

Project: Umudim  community Fish Farm 2018

Goal: Establish Umudim women Fish farm for economic independence

Achievement: The project established a 2000 capacity catfish farm for 60 women in Umudim Awo-Omamma as well as trained them on sustainable fish farming and Entrepreneurship skills they need to manage and run the farm as a profitable business.

Project: Izzi community Garden Project 2016

Goal: To increase access to nutritional food for the vulnerable rural families in Izzi Ebonyi State.

Achievement: The project trained 76 rural poor families on garden keeping and maintenance including market oriented business related to it. It also established with them 76 gardens in ¼ acre of land provided by each of the families trained.

Project: Onicha Women Led Fish Farm 2017

Goal: To increase the income means of women in Onicha LGA of Ebonyi State.

Achievement: The project established a 3000 capacity catfish farm for rural poor uneducated 100 women in Onicha LGA of Ebonyi State. These women receive sustainable skills and knowledge on practical hands in fish farming fish feed making as added value, business and management skills needed to run the farm as a viable joint venture.

Project: Ngor Okpala Community Fish Farm for Self Employment 2017

Goal: Empowering women to become economically Independent

Achievement: The Project concerned the training of 40 community poor women smallholder farmers on fish farming, fish feed making as added value, fish hatchery production, and entrepreneurship. The project at the end established a 2000 capacity catfish farm for the woman which is still operational to date.

Project: Agbaja Women Led Fish Farm for Self–Employment 2016

Goal: To empower women become financially independent and increase household income by 60%.

Achievement: The Project established a 2000 capacity catfish farm for women in Agbaja Nwangele Local Government Area of Imo State. The women use the profit from the farm to give themselves loan to start similar fish farms in their various homes.

Project: Idemili Community Fish Farm for young men and women 2016

Goal: To create employment opportunities for young women through community fish farm

Achievement: The project trains 100 young  women in Idemili, Anambra State in fish farming, business and management. And at the same time establish with them a 4000 capacity catfish farm which they own and manage as a their own business.

Climate Change Programs

Project:  Women Led Climate Change Radio Drama 2016

Goal: To empower rural women participation in climate change advocacy.

Achievement: The project trained 25 selected women lecturers in Alvan Ikoku College of Education to design, develop and broadcast 5 episode radio drama on climate change mitigation and adaptation.