Working to eliminate poverty and hunger for rural women through entrepreneurship education.









About Us

The People and Planet Life Foundation is a rural non-governmental organization that promotes zero poverty and hunger society for rural women through entrepreneurship education and establishment of farm ventures. 

The organization was founded  with the main aim of empowering rural poor uneducated women smallholders to become economically independent and increase their household income by 60% through cooperative farm ventures. 

Our Programs

  • The Fish Farm Project empowers women to become automatically economically independent to be able to increase their household income by 60%, through simple training’s in fish farming.
  • Our Family garden project enables rural families grow rich gardens that supplies them with the average food they require to take care of their household.
  • Our climate change advocacy program uses radio and television drama to inform smallholder farmers on climate change adaptation and mitigation. Smallholder farmers know little about the effects of climate change and the risk associated with it. They can only adapt and mitigate this issue if only they become aware of what climate change is and its effect.
  • Our Small Scale Enterprise Investment Loan Program enable women have access to small money to scale up their agribusinesses. 90% of small scale businesses in agriculture are run by women. Accessing funds to grow their business is always difficult for mostly rural poor women.

Curious about how we have already helped communities?

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